Coffee Date | 2

If we were sitting down for coffee, I'd want to hear all about your Memorial Day Weekend! Friday's date night was amazing, and I couldn't help but share about it on Instagram, too. Then, on Sunday, we celebrated Devin's grandpop's 80th birthday after church, and the day ended with playing yard games at a BBQ with our community group Sunday night. I even brought a cake and had everyone sing to Devin, since he specifically told me he would hate that. 😉 

We "saved" Monday to just spend together to celebrate Devin's birthday, and we ended up going to a local baseball field. 3 years ago on Memorial Day Weekend, I found out I was pregnant with Aiden, and then I had to lie to all the Hoods when we played family baseball on Monday and say I needed a pinch runner and also I would like to sit in the shade as soon as I was done hitting, kthanks. "It's my period" is the ironic lie I went with, which may sound like over-share but not in that family. Also, it was the exact opposite. 

It just felt full circle, to be sitting at a baseball field with Devin, Aiden, and Emma, when only 3 years ago was the beginning to starting our family!

If you're wondering, Devin and I hit fly balls to each other while Aiden kicked baseballs around with his feet AND used his t-ball bat like a golf club. Emma laid on a picnic blanket and ate kitchen untensils we brought as toys because everyone knows babies have no interest in real toys and would rather chew on a silicone pastry brush. It was perfect. 

I really loved the ordinary moments of yesterday...feeding Emma avocado at a picnic table while Devin twirls Aiden around and tickles his stomach. Deciding to go to a playground after "baseball" had run its course. Watching Aiden carefully climb ladders and rock walls and mischievously tell us "I'm four" (no, bud, you're still 2.) Eating leftover birthday cake with Devin while we watched The Bachelorette and the little ones slept in this cribs. 

All of that may sound boring and uneventful and like we should have come up with more to do on a precious day off on a 3-day weekend. But to me, it was perfect. A whole lot of fun, simple moments, together. 

P.S. Can we talk about how no one in my little family ACTUALLY SMILES in fam pictures. It cracks me up to see them all squinting and barely tolerating my request for a picture. 

Now it's your turn! Tell me what's going on with you. If we were getting coffee together, what would you tell me about? 

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