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All the things you need for a successful day at the pool with a baby! // via @ahopefulhood

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Yayyyy, Memorial Day Weekend! It's like the unofficial kick-off to summer, because who really listens to that summer solstice mid-June start of summer nonsense? Not me.

Today's Friday Favorites is allllll about the pool, for you mamas or friends of mamas who will be spending days at the pool/lake with little ones.

Every summer, we buy pool tags to our local pool, and since getting married, I live within walking distance of the pool! People ask "oh, what are your plans for the summer?" and while others are describing elaborate vacations, my summer plan has always been this: spend as many days at the pool as possible.

Last summer, I was SUPER PREGNANT (proof here and here), and I spent every pool day pulling Aiden up when he slipped under the water. He always was run-walking, and because the baby pool water came up to his chin, he ALWAYS slipped under and I had to be right next to him to pull him back up. While I'm not sure how I'm gonna hack it with TWO kids at the pool this summer, I am SO THANKFUL that Aiden will be taller/less likely to slip under the water........and I'm thankful I'm not pregnant anymore. Also, thankful that Emma isn't walking yet so she can't run away from me, so theoretically I'll only have to chase Aiden. ;)

Here are my favorite items for pool days with a baby:

2 reusable swim diapers: 
This reusable swim diaper has snaps and can adjust in size, so hopefully Emma can use it next summer, too! How cute is that floral pattern?! (Having 2 reusable swim diapers means that if the baby poops in one or one is in the wash, you've got a back-up!)

1 pack of disposable swim diapers
Last summer, it worked out so well to start the pool day with the reusable diaper and if Aiden pooped, I changed him into a disposable one. A single pack of disposable swim diapers lasted us all summer with that method!

Vanicream sunscreen
Not all "baby" sunscreen is actually safe for babies!!!! I've done a stupidddd amount of research on baby-safe sunscreens, and what I've come up with is this: Vanicream ! I recommend not using sunscreen on your baby if it contains oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. (But I promise, no judgment if you do!!) P.S. A 4-oz tube of the Vanicream lasted all summer!

Swim shirts
So you have to apply less sunscreen on a squirmy baby. Emma has one that says "mermaid at heart." How cute is this baby girl flamingo swim shirt + matching bottoms?!

Swim shoes
I'm still on the hunt for shoes that are like Native shoes but cheaper! Aiden LOVED his Native pair last summer.....until I lost one in a parking lot (womp womp!). 

Mesh Ring Sling
I ABSOLUTELY plan on using my water ring sling again--babywearing Emma is how I'll keep up with Aiden! Here's a photo of me using it with Aiden at the beach...and he's actually napping it in! Do I win all the bonus points?

If you're headed to the beach with a baby, make sure to check out this list of tips + tricks for making a beach trip with a baby easier! I wrote it 2 summers ago, when I was doing beach days with baby Aiden, but I read it over and I stand by everything on that list. :)

What are you looking forward to this summer? Do you have any fun Memorial Day weekend plans? 

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