Currently // October 2017

My due date is 8 days away and while I never put stock in the whole voodoo of "the baby should come by the due date!", I would REALLY like to have this baby before then. In an effort to take my mind off of the fact that it feels like she'll never come, I'm going to share a few non-pregnancy things that I've been up to recently. And those flowers were from Devin for my birthday...pretty fall-ish, right?

Styling: this top and I just got these ankle boots (I think there's a sale at DSW right now if you use code october2017 or something. Look it up!)

Saving: $5 by going to a Hair Cuttery for a trim & "subtle long layers" which turns out to be the world's worst hack job attempt at layers by a girl so young she's probably fresh out of beauty school (she asked if I knew what Instagram Live old do I LOOK?!). Was it worth it to save $5 instead of going to a real salon? I'm gonna have to vote no on that one.

Searching: things at 2am when I wake up and can't fall back to "emergency c-section recovery tips" and "headband and swaddle sets." Totally logical. I know.

Picking: pumpkins this weekend with Aiden (it was Devin's idea! They are the cutest father-son combo ever and here's more proof that I shared on Instagram). Last year when we picked apples, it was 80 degrees and we wore flannel. And we (Devin) pushed Aiden in a stroller up the bumpy hills of an orchard so that we could pay like $10/pound for some freaking apples. This year will be better ;)

Making: all the crockpot meals now that it's October....even though it's been 70s/80s each day, I'm feeling like some lazy "cooking" (and here's my crockpot chili recipe I posted last week). 

Today I'm linking up with Anne & Dana for the Currently link-up. 

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