Summer Vibes // Poolside Edition

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This week, I got to soak up some sibling time by the pool. A normal pool day for me and Aiden consists of me mildly stressing that my toddler keeps his head above the water in the baby pool ;) However, having my siblings there yesterday meant that there were extra people to help chase him around, and it was so sweet to see them splashing and playing with him!

We got a chance to talk about Lisa's recent trip to southeast Asia, Dan's most recent tour with his band, my little Etsy shop...and it was glorious, just catching up on each other's lives (while Becky routinely sprayed us with a hose, seen below haha). 
My brother Dan stayed with Aiden in the baby pool so I could eat lunch (he made 2+ impressive saves when not-afraid-of-water Aiden went under), and those minutes of relaxing in the shade were just what I needed. It also gave me a chance to try and rehydrate!

I've been chugging water all summer (pregnant, active, and always sweating will do that to you), but I took a break from plain water yesterday and had some vitaminwater zero by the pool with my siblings. We definitely needed the extra electrolytes after being so active in the hot sun! Am I the only one who can be at a pool and still sweating?! 

Next time you're at Target (be real, that was probably going to happen within the next few days ;) ), take selfie in front on the vitaminwater shelf and then text your image to 89000 to receive the hidden Cartwheel offer link for 15% off a 20oz vitaminwater. (Maybe wait til no one is around for that selfie since the grandmas around me were all like, "WHY IS THAT PREGNANT LADY MAKING A WEIRD FACE BY THE DRINK SHELVES WITH HER PHONE HELD OUT" )

"Uncle Dan" entertaining Aiden, as always! ^^

Last summer I shared my favorite summer essentials for a picnic, and, of course, vitaminwater was on that list (which is a sentimental drink for me since Devin's mom always offered it to us at her house when we were dating in high school!). See other ways to stay hydrated with vitaminwater here

So here's to summer, staying hydrated on active pool days, and getting to catch up with the people you love.

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