Brunch Dates in the Philadelphia Area

Grab your husband or your girlfriends and head out on a brunch date at one of these ADORABLE brunch spots! // via @ahopefulhood #Philadelphia #PhillyLife

It's no secret that Devin and I have set aside Friday nights as our designated date night (shoutout to my mom who babysits so we can go out just us!!). In fact, we've been such sticklers about saving that night that my friends have started sentences with "Are you free this Fri--wait no, it's your date night!" Want to see a hilarious picture of us in our unfinished living room circa 2013? You have to read this post where I talk about Friday nights as our designated date night.

I was going to make some case for why brunch dates are just as legitimate as evening date nights, but who really needs to be convinced that a midmorning meal with breakfasty foods is a perfect date? Answer: only the communists need to be convinced of that.

For all you Philly-area friends, here's my top list of places to try for a delicious brunch date!

1. Sabrina's. There's two locations, but I can only vouch for the fact that the West Philly one is adorable, ready to accommodate kids who throw all the free crayons on the floor, and has big portions of really delicious not-dinery food.

2. Gracie's. It's just outside the city, a short walk from the Glenside train station, and their decor will make you want to stage 400 blog pictures (hint: pallet walls & stone walls, rustic tables, mason jars, etc.). Their breakfast quiche is SO good!

3. Bernie's in Glenside. This is another place with unique, delicious brunch options that will ALSO make you want to stage a ton of blog pictures. They've got a decent-sized outdoor patio with lots of seating, so if you go on a nice day you can enjoy your challah french toast under the shade of cute teal umbrellas.

4. Trolley Car Diner. It's right off of Kelly Drive, which means you can go for a scenic walk after you eat...3? 4?... handmade cinnamon rolls. There's not a ton of seating inside, but since it's right by the water you could get your food to go and enjoy it outside on the trail or on their outdoor patio.

If you're looking for more date idea inspiration, check out my methods for picking a date activity and my tips and tricks for date night with a baby

What are your favorite brunch spots like? What are some of your favorite date ideas?

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