Beach Vacation Packing Checklist: for her & for baby

We're going on a weeklong trip to the beach this summer, and it's our first vacation just us (+Aiden) that we've taken since our honeymoon! Top things I'm excited for: a week of just us, curly fries at the boardwalk, the ocean, cleaning sand out of my bathing suit bottoms. Jk. Not that last one.

Last summer, I did a bunch of day trips with Aiden to the beach (here are my tips for bringing a baby to the beach). However, having to pack for a WEEK has me asking all the seasoned mamas I know for tips! I've included their suggestions, along with what I'll be packing for myself.

Easy packing checklist for yourself and your toddler when you go on a beach vacation this summer // via @ahopefulhood

For her (that's me):

1. Floppy hat & baseball hat as a back-up (see my indecision about floppy hats here)
2. Sweatshirt
3. 2-3 bathing suits
4. Extra snacks/frozen food for your room/house (so you aren't eating out all week/midnight snacktime)
5. 3 shorts, 1 pair of pants, a dress or 2, summery shirts
6. Rainbows (or other flip-flops) and nicer sandals
7. Cover-up (something like this?)
8. Toiletries
9. Sunglasses

For the baby/toddler: 

1. I'm no hippie, but this is some ACTUALLY chemical-free sunscreen.
2. Pop-up beach tent for oceanside naps (like this one)
3. Stroller
4. Pack-n-play (since we're all sharing one hotel room!)
5. Swim shirt, trunks + hat
6. Native shoes (which Aiden's been wearing for a month now...PERFECT for outside)
7. Reusable swim diaper + a pack of disposable diapers (we used that reusable swim diaper ALL summer last year and loved it!)
8. Things he normally sleeps with (to make it like home) which for us includes this video playing all night long haha.

Here's a snapshot from our last beach vacation together, 5 years ago on our honeymoon! We look the same, right?

What do you bring on your beach vacations? Have you ever gone to the beach with a baby? What are your tips?

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