5 Ways to Spend Memorial Day Outside

This year, Memorial Day is my husband's birthday!! He's finally turning 25 (and I've been 25 for MONTHS so like, gosh, what a newb he is 😉 ), and we're going to spend the day however he wants (probably something that avoids crowds, small talk, obnoxious liberals, and other things he hates).

HOWEVER. Maybe the rest of you have a day off without husband-birthday-shenanigans planned, in which case...

here are a few suggestions:

*Disclaimer. These are best enjoyed with others. No judgment if you create an elaborate taco bar for just yourself. But if you know anyone else in your town/city, invite them over: acquaintances, old friends, family, your hairdresser, neighbors, etc. 

1. Classic cookout + yard games. Last year I got Kan Jam and I AM IN LOVE. That plus burgers that were on sale (thanks, grocery stores, for putting things on sale based on the upcoming holiday)...it's perfect. More perfect if you make this lemonade cocktail recipe.

2. Backyard Taco Bar. (This could be a good inside option if it's cold/rainy!)

3. Picnic at a local park. Everyone brings something, frisbees could be banned/brought (depending on your audience), kids can roam freely, you don't have to clean your house, the perks abound.

4. Hike a new trail. This is not for everyone. We love getting outside and doing something free + active, but if sunshine and bug repellent aren't for you, might I suggest a movie marathon? Bowling? Basket weaving?

5. Beach/lake getaway. This takes more planning, but it would be so fun to take a quick friend-cation to a lake or to the beach since you've got that extra day off! (And let's be real, even a day trip would be fun.)

What are your plans for the 3-day weekend?

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