Bump Style // Spring

*I partnered with PinkBlush for this post, but of course everything I say about them is honest & my own take on their adorable clothing. 

When I was pregnant with Aiden, my January due date meant that I only had a big bump during fall/winter. This time round, I'm due in October and IMMEDIATELY my baby bump started showing. Hello, cute maternity clothes for warm weather.

Yes, I'll probably be a sweaty whale this summer. But I won't have to layer up with maternity sweaters, stretchy pants, and heavy coats, that fit a big third-trimester baby bump! (Like I did last time......) Can I get an amen?!

Since literally everyone in blog-land who's having a baby has talked about PinkBlush, I figured I'd give it a try...and believe me, they live up to the hype. All their stuff, from maternity dresses to regular clothes, is insanely cute and my dress (which you can get here) arrived 2 days after I ordered it!

Perks of this dress that I got from PinkBlush: 

1. You don't have to play the "is it too short to wear to church?" game.

2. It has loose sleeves so you don't need to shave your armpits. (Am I the only one who hates that?!)

3. It's light & flowy so you aren't sweating to death.

4. It's not so light that it's see through.

Spring Bump Style // Easter dress, Baby shower outfit, etc. via @ahopefulhood

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