Broccoli Salad (With Whatever Random Things You Have)

I decided to make this fairly last minute one night when I realized we had some broccoli that really needed to get eaten before it went bad (sounds delish, right? Ha)...and that's when I realized: broccoli salad is one of those catch-all, everything in one dish type of salads where you can add whatever you have on hand! Since I was making it last-minute, I just used random things we had.

What I used: (makes 1 large serving or 2 small servings)
--1 big stalk of broccoli, chopped
--1 small green apple, cored & chopped small
--1/4 red pepper, chopped
--6 baby carrots, chopped into cirles
--1/3 cup mayo
--a dash of apple cider vinegar
--a sprinkle of sugar, salt & pepper (sorry to be so exact 😉 ),
--paprika as a garnish on top before serving

**Other suggestions: nuts, sharp white cheddar, grapes, raisins, hard-boiled eggs?, celery, tomatoes, or whatever else you happen to have!

An easy salad to make this spring/summer! All you need is broccoli, plus whatever else you happen to have on hand. // via @ahopefulhood

All you have to do is mix it all up! I didn't even mix the sugar + mayo + apple cider vinegar together separately (which you totally could do for a more even "sauce"), and it turned out great!

Check out this spring salad mix I've also loved! What salads are you making this spring? 

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