Things I Want to Do in 2017 That Are Definitely Not New Year's Resolutions

Only days ago I admitted that I'm not resolving to do anything because everyone is resolving and I hate feeling like I'm late to the bandwagon so I might as well just not get on. That's my thinking, anyway.

So instead of resolutions, I'm sharing generic things I'd like to do this one of Chelsea's seasonal bucket lists. But for the year. 

1. Get glasses. See? I'm already productive because I just accomplished my (life-long) goal of wanting glasses. Finally, a visit to the optometrist ended with them saying "You need glasses," which is something I've always wanted to hear. 

2. Go camping at least twice!!! We didn't go this past summer (probably because we had Aiden? Maybe that scared us away?) but no more excuses--we should go this year. Cheap and outdoorsy vacation? What could be better? (I'm so serious. Those are two of my favorite things.)

3. Go for a walk once a week (and during these winter months, I may have to make some of those walks inside. On account of having a stroller to push. And babies get cold. Etc.)

4. Have another baby? Can I admit that? It feels vulnerable to say, since what if it doesn't work out? 

5. Find one fun kid-activity-place-thing each month. I'll publish a list when I've got more than 2 (which is all I've got so far), in case any of you Philly-area friends want to check out things to do! :) 

6. Keep Wild Cedar Co. going! Courtney and I just had a really exciting "business meeting" (ok fine, we are not that legit) where we mapped out things we want to make this year and how we could get more efficient.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? 

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