Labor Day Adventures in Peddler's Village

Last month I shared a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo, but there's tons more to do outside the city, too! (Sorry about the rhyme. Let's move on.) The city is full of old, historic shops and there are specific areas downtown that are known for cobblestone streets and that old-timey feel. However, you don't have to go into Philadelphia for cute shops--Peddler's Village, about an hour outside the city, also has that classic look and is so fun to walk around.

Over Labor Day weekend, Devin suggested we visit Peddler's Village, and we had the most relaxed, slow day of browsing the random collection of stores there. Everything is very quaint, but the types of stores are such a range--sports stuff, candy shops, house decorations (like 1001 signs for the cat lady decor theme..."my best friend has 4 paws and says meow" etc.), fancy dishes with French words written in script, and tons more.

It was a day of having no time constraints, no set-in-stone-plan, no responsibility to get anywhere or do anything...and it was so freeing!

Explore Peddler's Village in historic Bucks County, PA// via @ahopefulhood

Devin and Aiden, in unison: "We aren't thrilled about you forcing us to take a picture." 

How was your Labor Day? Have you ever just wandered with no real plans/schedule?

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