Brainstorming Date Night Activities

Groupon has sponsored this post, but I'm for REAL in love with Groupon and use it all the time. 

I've talked about how Devin and I go on a date every single Friday night (and we even bring Aiden--check out this post for tips on bringing a baby on your date!). Since we've been married 4 years, we've done a BAZILLION fun dates, which sometimes makes picking something to do difficult. We don't want to get stuck in a date night rut (though if we did it would be burgers, Target, rinse and repeat).

Also, googling "date night ideas" in every variation isn't always helpful (date night in Philadelphia, fun summer date ideas, etc.). No, we don't want to take a cooking class together, and no, snuggling on the couch reading each other's dream journals is not happening. (Jk. I've never seen that on a list. But stuff like it I have!)

Us at Taco Bell as newlyweds...if only there was one near us now, it would really challenge our loyalty to ordering burgers wherever we go ðŸ˜‰

Here are some tips for narrowing down what to do on date night: 

1. Decide the budget for the date--are you trying to do something free? That would eliminate lots of things, which makes deciding easier! Or are you ready to splurge, in which case you can probably take Taco Bell off your list. 😉

2. Check Groupon Things To Do. Devin and I nearly ALWAYS go to Groupon first--why pay more when you could buy a Groupon for something fun, for less? Check out their list of affordable stuff to do near you!

3. Check the weather. Obvious, right? This usually helps us narrow down whether we should plan something outside or inside. (Will we sweat to death in 95 degrees outside? Or will there be freezing temps?)

4. Look for seasonal things to do, besides what's listed on Groupon. One year I shared this list of things to do in Philly during the fall, and my friend Chelsea has great monthly bucket lists, like this one for September.

5. If you're doing dinner, pick an area or pick a type of food. Are you trying to stay close to home, or do you only want to eat downtown? Or, are you only interested in Asian/Italian/etc.? This helps us narrow it down when we're trying to find a dinner spot.

How do you come up with fun date nights? 

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