Summer Essentials: Baby Favorites

I'm back with another list of things that are helping me survive summer. Last time, I shared my list of pool essentials, and since this is my first ever summer with a baby I've compiled what's been useful so far in this warm basically Texan weather. Whether you're going to the beach, enjoying a backyard bbq in the sun, or going on an outdoorsy adventure, hopefully something here will help you!

1. Water sling: I already mentioned this in my post on beach tips with a baby, but it's worth mentioning again. Aiden has fallen asleep in this sturdy, quick-drying, easy-to-throw-on sling. If you thought baby wraps were good, this thing can be put on faster than you can say "Siri, why are all those other baby wraps so difficult?"

2. Reusable swim diaper: $10 at Target. Disposable swim diapers were also $10, but this reusable one ACTUALLY holds everything, is machine washable, is saving the environment. Win, win, win.

3. Hat with a strap: self-explanatory. I passed on my pale-skinned genes, so this means I have to put less sunscreen on his pale little head. Plus, hats with straps don't fall off. (Does anyone else feel like I just keep stating the obvious??)

4. Safe sunscreen: NOT Coppertone Water Babies. That stuff is pure chemicals, which I learned after slathering it all over Aiden's chubby body on our first beach day. Use Vanicream--paraben-free zinc oxide that our dermatologist recommended. (And it's not nearly as expensive as all the other safe baby sunscreen I researched!)

5. Hiking backpack: this hiking backpack has a kickstand so that the whole backpack can be set down with the baby safely inside. We got this at our baby shower, and it's lightweight but so sturdy!

What are some of your summer necessities?

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