I Would Rather...

It's like the game "would you rather" where someone makes you pick the lesser of two evils, but the reverse...summer edition, since it's July which is summer's February.

I would rather roll around in a dumpster full of raccoons than spend another day in 90% humidity in Philadelphia. (Jk, raccoons are the devil.)

I would rather let 200 preschoolers hopped up on Kool-aid poke me in the arm than hear my neighbors' kids play the recorder early in the morning (thanks to our windows being open the few evenings it was cool, and not 90% humidity).

I would rather fall asleep in a bed full of peanut butter than stay in a soggy bathing suit longer than necessary.

I would rather lick petrified bat turds than let my church spend a bajillion dollars on keeping the building at a brisk 60 degrees (do I show up to church dressed for summer? Or should I bring my whale blubber parka?)

Do you have a summer "I would rather"? Share it in the comments below!

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