Get Outside This Summer

The other day I decided I wanted to try and find a new park, and my adventuring sidekick didn't protest ;) It's summer, so why not? Aiden and I sat by a pond with a fountain, walked a few trails, and snapped some relaxing! I have to take advantage of the sunshine or I feel like I'm wasting this season. I used to feel that way on the first warm days of spring when I was teaching in downtown Philadelphia, so I used to take papers to grade to the local park by the school so I could not be "wasting" the sunshine.

I guess that line of thinking is a symptom of a deeper line of reasoning, that we need to take advantage of the season God has us in--being a stay at home mom, moving to a new state, starting a new job, etc. (Where has God placed you? Are you taking advantage of the season you're in?)

One way to celebrate summer (which I had off as a teacher and again, now as a stay at home mom) is to enjoy God's creation. That could be hiking a really difficult trail, catching a glimpse of the bright green trees from your window, or just taking a walk through a new park. Celebrate God's creation around you. Get outside while it's still warm out! (Or hot out, but whatever, a little sweating never killed me.) Take advantage of the season you're in. 

(Grab your fishing pole, Aiden! It says all ages!)

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