Fifth Year Of Marriage Goals

You've probably read how Devin and I always joked using hashtags & numbers of years of marriage: like #firstyearofmarriage when we burnt dinner, or how we said #fourthyearofmarriage when we did something adventurous, proving we still have so much fun together. 

Well, here we are, living out our #fifthyearofmarriage, as we celebrated our 4th anniversary last month. Life with Devin by my side is just as exciting, just as laughter-filled, just as stretching. 

If you want a good laugh, go check out this list of things we wanted to do before having kids, written back in 2013. (This is why I love blogging. We did not complete a single thing on that list! But I love that it's saved and documented.)

So, with that list in mind, I've decided to write another list of things I'd like to do. This time, with a more specific time frame in mind: this year! 

1. Actually run that half-marathon and convince Devin to run it with me. (What happened when I read that to Devin: "You want to run a half-marathon THIS YEAR? Like, THIS year? We haven't run! At all! This year! I am just telling you, I'm not running a half-marathon this year. You're nuts.")
2. Do lots of hiking together (#celebratenotbeingpregnantthissummer), which will be made infinitely more extreme with our upcoming trip to Colorado! 
3. Open up our home even more (like how Megan got to come stay with us, and we hosted Friendsgiving
4. Keep praying together. I love our times of prayer late at night when everything is dark and still and calm and we can focus on Jesus. 
5. Finish the last few projects on the inside of our house (the stairs & back door mainly!). 

Who says you have to set goals and make lists in January?! I can't wait to look back and laugh at this list a year from now. 

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