Summer Essentials: Poolside Edition

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This post could also be entitled, How I Plan On Surviving the 90-Degree Humidity of Philadelphia's Summer: Overusing the Community Pool. Also, in this post I presumptuously assume that you have access to some body of water: kiddie pool in your neighbor's back yard, lake, community pool, ocean, bathtub, etc. If somewhere you made a wrong turn in life and don't have access to such a place, come visit me and I will hook you up.

Here's what you need:

1. Enormous water bottle because who likes getting up from a poolside lounge chair to refill your water bottle for the 7th time. No one does. Get one that holds a lot (like my industrial-strength Nalgene*).

2.Rainbows*! World's most comfortable and durable flip-flop. I can't get on board with the "super durable" sandals that just look like something a hiking/bird-watching dad would wear. (I'm looking at you, Chacos.) Although I couuuuld be convinced on other comfy sandals, so please debate me on this issue in the comments! I want to hear your suggestions! Rainbows do take a few weeks to break in, just to warn you. I've worn the double-layer kind nonstop for 2 summers, and they've been totally fine. They also have a lifetime warranty on them!

3. Not-greasy sunscreen. (That's not a brand. Don't look it up.) I've been using Target's no-name brand kind, and it's a total game-changer. Now I don't look like I rubbed a stick of butter on my face when heading outside. (Because I used to, when I used to apply that extra thick, water-resistant SPF 900 that only the sweaty professional outdoor badminton players need to wear.)

4. Victoria's Secret bathing suit, because they last nearly as long as those Rainbows flip-flops. And VS does make some modest suits, if push-up bikinis aren't your thing. ;)

5. Beach bag* style= to hold essentials #1-4.

Bonus! Cheap sunglasses. Why would you buy fancy name-brand sunglasses, because--let's be real--how many times have you dropped sunglasses, lost them, or had a reckless 7-year-old at the pool accidentally stomp on them while he ran from a girl who was trying to give him the cheese touch? (Thank you, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, for introducing the cheese touch to children everywhere).

What would you bring to the pool? What are your summer essentials? Want to try and talk me into buying Chacos? ;) 

Do we follow each other on Instagram? I want to see all your summer adventures!

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