Projects and Dreams

You know those ideas that you've had, bouncing around in the back of your head? Why haven't you started working towards those goals, those dreams, those projects? Robyn's been inspiring me with her big career change and the careful planning to make it happen. Olivia's rebrand and new blog purpose showed me that it takes time to pursue a dream for your online space but that it can be totally worth it.

So. Here I am, finally admitting that I've got a semi-secret project a-brewin'. Semi-secret in the sense that I haven't talked a lot about it, except when sharing a few behind-the-scenes looks (herehere, and here) on Instagram.


My friend Courtney and I made hand-lettered signs for our grandmothers this past Christmas (it was her idea and I immediately jumped on that bandwagon, inviting myself over for a craft night at her place!), and when our husbands saw the finished product, they both joked that we needed to open an Etsy shop.

Well, all jokes aside, here we are.

During this past spring, I started seriously considering that joke, and then I spent a while praying about it and talking it over with Devin.  He was immediately excited for me and helped me come up with design ideas! When I decided to really pursue the idea of opening up an Etsy shop, I convinced Courtney to get on board. :)

I started experimenting with designs beyond just hand-lettering wooden signs (that's her expertise!), we brainstormed a shop name, and she designed a beautiful logo. I'm so excited to share some of the sneak peaks with you here!

Make sure you're following our shop on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all the details! (Our first post goes up today...and that way you can totally say you followed along since the very start!!)

In the grand opening next week, I'll be sharing the meaning behind the shop name, Wild Cedar Co. So much excitement!!!!

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