Aiden's First Beach Trip

If you're doing a day trip to the beach, it's worth it to go on a random weekday. No shore traffic, more parking spots, less crowded beaches...

And that's exactly when we went for Aiden's first beach trip! I met up with my best friend Moriah at her beachfront beach house and we headed onto the sandy beach. (How many times can I use beach in one sentence, you may ask? Don't speak to me in that tone.)

Just like Aiden loving the chilly pool water, he also loved the ocean, despite the pretty freaking cold temperatures. And by "loved" I mean that his facial expression never changed when going in the water. (Kind of like how he looked SO BORED when Devin took him in the pool, and he nearly fell asleep in Devin's arms.)

He napped in the world's first pop-up tent (the same one my younger siblings used to play in during my middle school soccer games! Ha!), he nursed a lotttt, and he contentedly went with me in the waves.

Next week I'll be sharing my tips for bringing babies to the beach, because this week I've got another beach day trip planned where I can refine my tips and tricks ;)

Do you love the ocean? Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountains? 

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