Currently // June 2016

I love moments like these where we can play catch up, filling each other in on how life has been going lately. Here's what I've been up to!

Planning: my best friend's bridal shower! What are your tips? Right now, the group is leaning towards a brunch theme.

Enjoying: SUMMER SUNSHINE. I know, technically it's not summer, but I don't want to hear that. It's been 80-something degrees consistently here in Philly, and I'm loving it. Follow me on instagram to see my summer adventures (like trying to run for the first time in over a year, HA HA.)

Buying: lots of meals out, because that's an easy go-to for meeting up with friends. (Made possible by Friendly's 50% off breakfast and Chili's coupons sent straight to your email. You're welcome.)

Craving: more adventures! Baby Aiden can basically hold his head up, so I'm ready to pop him in that hiking-baby-backpack thing and hit the trails! And by trails I mean nothing too steep because, hello, I just told you I hadn't even gone running in over a year! Outta shape but ready to hike!

Pinning: this haircut and lovely kitchens. Our house isn't even all done yet and I'm ready to re-do "finished" spaces. Ha! (Do we follow each other on Pinterest?! I want to see what you've been pinning too!)

What have you been up to???
Thanks, Jenna, for hosting the Currently link-up!

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