Happy 24th Birthday

Dear Devin, 

Tomorrow you'll finally join the 24 club! (I know, I know, I'm a cradlerobber. Let's move on.)

In this past year, you worked so much overtime to save money for "baby Hood's" arrival. You supported me in labor. You met our son, and you calmed him with your voice the very first time you spoke to him in that hospital room.

Watching you become a dad has been beautiful, and you are such a natural. You make him laugh, read him Psalms (and from the minor prophets, and construction stories, duh), you change diapers more efficiently than I do, you soothe him by whispering in his ear. His big laughs when you lift him in the air make your face light up, and the whole scene just makes my heart feel like it's going to explode.

You are patient and kind and so strong. (You lift super heavy tools into your truck easily, and you carry 100 bags of groceries into the house in one trip. Have I already mentioned that you're the best?) I can't wait to watch you teach Aiden how to build things, how to play baseball, how to pray, how to skateboard (jk skateboarding is dangerous).

May our son be just like you: strong in his faith, a hard worker, able to fix anything because he refuses to give up, kind to his mother, prioritizing family, and unbelievably handsome.

So far he's definitely got that last part down. ;)

I love you, Devin.
You're already an amazing dad to Aiden, and you've always been such a wonderful husband.
Happy birthday.

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