new favorite: sunday muse

last time i wrote about a new [music] favorite, it was i am they, and before that, good little giants, both of whom i learned about at creation! this time, i bring you a music recommendation from my neck of the woods......err, suburbs.

my extremely talented brother dan is part of this band, sunday muse. if you like female vocalists like ingrid michaelson or folksy bands, you'll like these guys. they're just starting out, so head over to their instagram or facebook page and check them out!

this past saturday they played at a local ice cream shop, which was my first time seeing them in concert. they played mostly covers, but it was so so so impressive! their versions of taylor swift songs?! so good. (also their originals are good, too. but when the folksy band covers a pop t-swizzle song? color me super impressed.)

they've got percussion, guitars, a keyboard, harmonium, banjo, mandolin, and the upright bass (what my brother plays).

and, just because they know how to cover a great christmas song (too soon?):

what have you been listening to lately? 

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