my favorite holiday

you can read about last year's 4th of july here, and see some pretty epic sibling selfies :)

aaaand, here's why the 4th beats out all your wintry, candy-infused celebrations:

//1// it's summer. so the chances of needing snowshoes, jackets, etc. REALLY decreases.

//2// there's no pressure to buy people gifts. (not just because i'm cheap. but also the pressure to find "that perfect gift" when the malls are goin CRAZY.)

//3// 'murica. (although i know we're celebrating a freedom that not everyone gets to experience. and we as christians need to up our game. but for one day, we can focus on the positive, right?) 

//4// fireworks are the BEST and it's even better when you get to watch them outside! not in the snow! jk because who does fireworks in the winter. see? no one.

//5// i can dig out my stripes and possibly a tacky, red-white-and-blue plastic necklace that i saved from the days of frequenting parades as a kid.

//6// it's a chance for a cookout--which involves my favorite foods, like fruit salads, burgers, corn on the cob, etc.

//7// cookouts usually mean people you like are in attendance. and what's better than spending the day with your favorite people?!

and another headless picture of me because self-timer just isn't that wonderful #notafashionblogger...

what's your favorite holiday? how do you celebrate the 4th?

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