10 shirts you may see at christian events

when i went to that christian music festival, lisa and i started to notice a few funny/ridiculous christian t-shirts. while not all had that christian-culture-got-this-at-a-Christian-bookstore theme going, we decided to keep a list of the humorous/ridiculous ones we saw. and, in case you're like "but christian tshirts are my main fashion choice!", let me admit that i own (owned?) a "lifeguard: mine walks on water" shirt that i rocked at many a VBS in my day.

//1// free (side) hugs.

//2// i'm in shape (round is a shape). worn by an especially big guy, but it could be funny on a super pregnant lady, too. 

//3// D.A.D.D.: dads against daughters dating

//4// JESUS the level of witty is astounding. 

//5// virginity rocks. does it though? because i thought that's why God said sex (within marriage) was a good thing........

//6// statistics say 5 out of 5 people die.

//7// i was cool before you were born. worn by an old guy. 

//8// porn kills love

//9// i love my wife. ummmm, good for you? isn't that what rings are for? or should we all get shirts...

//10// make lunch not war. the appropriate alternative to "make love not war," i'm assuming.

really, i should have been tweeting these to christian hipster because i'm sure he'd understand my "wait, what?? that's really on a shirt????" reaction to these (especially #1, 4, and 8.) but again, let me throw out the disclaimer that if you own one of these i'm in no way judging you. you rock your "abreadcrumb and fish" shirt #christiantshirtsforthewin # conversationstartercopout

you're right. too many hashtags at the end of a blog post is weird. ;)

what are some of your favorite/least favorite christian tshirt slogans?

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