weekend recap

this weekend...
//1// my book finally came! you may have seen my whiny "wish i could read this but instead i'm doing end-of-the-quarter grading" insta post. #teacherprobs. i'm so excited to read through this book with my sisters-in-law in our sisters bible study :)
//2// we chopped some greens and made pasta salad with grilled chicken. so good. 

//3// we wandered target's card section looking for the perfect birthday card for devin's mom...why does't the store that has everything have a "cards for your mother-in-law" section? we opted not to go with this poop one, but it did make me laugh. 

not pictured: after a friday night date night of pizza, devin and i accidentally took a 3 hour nap from 8-11pm. but then we stayed up all night watching tv. we're 12 and it was awesome and around 3 am we got hungry again and ate more food so yeah, it was a pretty great night.

you may have missed...
my friday excitement
this ready-for-spring anticipation that still is accurate (as philly suffered from a chilly, downpour of a weekend)

what did you do this weekend?

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