top 5 ways to welcome spring

february is finally over. finally! and yet sunday it sleeted/snowed enough to get bible study cancelled. so, in case you, too, have a case of the end-of-winters, then here's a list of things to do to console/remind yourself that spring is on the way.

plan summer vacations to somewhere warm! also planning ahead means scoring a good deal, right? currently i'd pick puerto rico, texas, or camping at a national park

accept your fate and weep silently. with hot chocolate in hand. 

listen to relient k's like a lion, where matt thiessen also laments that winter can seem never ending. because it's always wiiiiiiiinterrrrrr...

anyone else pretend to garden? i tried raspberries, but this spring i'm hoping to plant some of these!

check out the loft and their spring items! plus, if you didn't get their email with the great news, their sale items are 50% off right now! 

and, in case you were looking for something more insightful, you should check out robyn's post on winter, spring, and the seasons of life

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