marriage // part 2

back in august, devin's friend alden (who was a groomsman in our wedding!) and alden's girlfriend came up from south carolina, and in our conversation that night, alden asked us 3 questions:

what is the best part of marriage?
what surprised you the most?
what has been the hardest part of marriage?

well, his friend is now engaged and they're getting married in april (!!!) and devin's a groomsman in the wedding! i wrote my answer to the first question here, and now let's dive into the second question: 

what surprised you the most about marriage?

how little i knew about marriage! we did premarital counseling for 8 months, i had studied bible verses that related to marriage and being a wife, and we had been praying for each other throughout the whole relationship. but once married, i right away realized how i didn't really know anything about being married. 

you're probably like, umm duh, if you've never been married before o f c o u r s e you didn't really know anything about marriage. but i sure thought i did! i wrote this post after being married for 6 months, reflecting on just how little i knew about being a good wife. 

i didn't know how to argue fairly, i didn't know how to make dinner without burning/undercooking it (superficial, but still), i didn't know how to communicate clearly when i was grumpy or stressed, and i didn't know how devin liked his shirts folded. 

see? you might not have even thought about how your future spouse wants their shirts folded! but now you know: ask in advance ;)

my advice for any of you about to embark on this journey: be humble, extend grace, and be ready for God to teach you so many new things. 

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