lately (or, how we spent a snow day)

snow day! need i say more? we watched cinderella man, played outside in the snow, had meals at whatever time we felt like, finished getting our taxes was beautiful. we also tried taking a self-timer picture with that new iphone update, and devin is a noodle. and when we tried to get jake in it, he was also a noodle. scroll back up and laugh at (with?) us. 

we also spent the afternoon lounging in our bed and re-reading devin's heart-shaped tin where he kept all my notes/letters to him while we were dating. from embarrassingly rambling notes passed between classes in high school to letters i mailed while away at college, it was really funny to see our relationship progress. and that evening, we talked about the moment i realized devin was the one for me to marry (maybe i'll post that story sometime ;), and how he saved up his money to go pick an engagement ring. time well spent: reminiscing our early days together. 

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