contentment is being thankful

i took this picture on a family vacation in liberty lakes, washington :)

what is contentment? 

it's deciding not to buy that new shirt because do you need to spend the money? plus your hangers are already filled......

it's chic fil a on valentine's day (did you read my vday suggestions? we actually ended up making chicken caesar wraps with french fries and snuggling up to watch movies under our heated blanket...)

it's being thankful for what God has done, and tossing out that list of complaints so that you can focus on gratefulness and His generosity towards us. 

it can be so difficult to be content, when everything around us seems better. it's easy to compare salaries, body shapes, and personalities and come up with the conclusion that they have it better than i do. i've even gotten jealous of other girls' hair length. (why can't my hair look that healthy when it's that long?!) and it doesn't help that pinterest is only fueling my comparisons. i see the camera angles and well-lit pictures of what MUST have been a professionally-decorated living room, and then i glance around at my cluttered, not-really-matching space. 

paul wrote, i have learned to be content, whatever the circumstances (philippians 4:11). that's my goal. whatever i have, whatever situation i'm in, whereever i end up: i will be thankful for what God has done for me. 


i'm linking up with betsy gettis and the peony project, and this month our topic is contentedness!

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