weekend recap

saturday was SO, SO cold! which translates to watching movies on netflix, snuggling under our heated blanket, and begging jake to be satisfied with mini-games of fetch in the house. SUNDAY! sunday, however, was sunny and over 30 degrees, practically a balmy reprieve from the single-digit temps. 

after lesson planning (#teacherlife), devin and i ventured out to the park and jake had fun chasing his frisbee on a frozen stream. we warmed up with hot chocolate and tea when we came back in (and i grabbed the mug my youngest sister gave devin for christmas!). 

we also went to a new Bible study last night, which was really fun. the group seems like a nice mix of young married couples and college kids. :) 

some favorite posts from last week: 

i'm linking up with beth's week's end linkup at oak and oats

how was your weekend?


  1. Hi there - visiting from the link-up! What a nice weekend! We had really cold weather here in Texas but no snow. Looking forward to following you along more! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And cold in Texas?! I just assumed it was always warm. Texas is my husband and my dream state to live in (thanks to the the show Fixer Upper.) I can't wait to check out your blog, too!

  3. Yeah, it's not usually very cold here, but we had an unusually cold weekend. My husband and I just moved back to Texas a couple weeks ago after going to DC for three years, and we are so happy to be back! I haven't seen much of Fixer Upper, but I hear it's great - I went to college in Waco where it was filmed!

  4. Did you go to Baylor? (The only college I know of in Waco, but I'm admittedly not well versed in Texas colleges haha). And DC to Texas must have been quite a switch! :)

  5. Saturday was definitely one to stay inside. Glad you are enjoying your Bible study group.