relationships: how they grow

 relationships don't stay the same (thank the lorrrrrrrd). they mature and change, just like the people in them. they can go from the awkward just-beginnings and super-nervous-does-he-like-my-hair to the solidly founded, teammates-for-life, we-always-have-deep-conversations-and-lots-of-laughter.

for example. it's pretty nice how my husband loves me even though in our two-and-a-half-ish years of marriage he's seen me at some pretty low points. when i cut my ankle and my stiched-up skin looked like i missed a step in "knife-dancing aerobics," he didn't freak out and even ate dinner next to me when i was laying in bed (5 pillows propped under the swollen monstrosity of a limb). when i ugly-cry at the end of a fight because i don't see how we can compromise on the fact that i love to be around people with the only exception being when i am pooping, and he just wants to live a secluded life with his favorite 10 people and possibly a pack of german shepherds in a cabin in the woods, he still hugs me and forgives me for all the angry things i've said (despite the mascara that is probably dripping onto the shoulder of his tshirt).

proof that our relationship has grown:

we started out our relationship at age 16 with a glittery dress and matching tie (#juniorprom #superdorks)...

...and then we were all like, this:

...and somehow we ended up like this: 

our relationship started out as us talking on the phone each night junior year of high school, and somehow now we're an old married couple that has preposterous conversations at 6 am after devin's already left for work. 

were you hoping for a better wedding pic? go check here.

how have your friendships & other relationships grown over time? 


  1. love this :) oh, growing pains that turn into joys!

  2. Thanks! My husband thought it was more embarrassing and less adorable haha. Suffice to say he thinks that junior prom picture should be burned. ;)