weekend recap

for being freezing cold and then pouring rain, we had a pretty full weekend! we went to this awesome local pub we'd never been to before (bernie's, in oreland, if you're in the area!) on friday night for date night. after dinner, we decided to curl up and watch old episodes of the office. sidenote: a heated blanket, comfy chair, and the office is a great recipe for snuggling on a 20-degree friday night! 

on saturday, we visited a salvage shop that was full of great finds, like that trunk and old window. i'll be posting more on that later this week! and on sunday, when it was POURING rain, we ventured out to see how high the creek in our back yard had risen. jake dipped a paw in the water and jumped back like, "naww i'm not swimming today."

favorite post from last week:
relationships: how they grow
(mostly because i only post like twice a week...ha)

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i'm joining this week's end linkup!

how was your weekend?

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