super easy strawberry lemonade margaritas

i'm usually the boring one who buys white wine or angry orchards. but sometimes i like to mix it up! literally. mixing. with a blender and some fruit. 

this past summer, my friends and i got together for a black bean burger cookout, where we also made a summer sangria with strawberries. it was really easy and turned out so well, so we decided to try another type of mixed drink.

we made these really easy margaritas to celebrate my friend's first week in her last semester of college, and you only need 4 ingredients!

you need:
2 limes
a carton of strawberries
4 cups of lemonade
half a cup tequila
a blender
ice (if you want to make them frozen)

(disclaimer: we actually didn't measure anything. it was more like a splash of tequila and then pouring some not an exact science! also, we also poured in a little white grape juice, just cuz we had it on hand. also #yolo.)

what's one of your favorite fruits to use in making smoothies or mixed drinks? 

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