a wedding updo: my favorite tutorial

for my sister-in-law's wedding, i decided i wasn't gonna shell out $50-60 on getting my hair done. i own a curling iron and bobby pins, so shouldn't i be able to do my own hair?!

read the full description over at the small things blog.

sadlyyyyy i accidentally deleted all my pictures of my hair! (real talk: my husband was giving a speech at the wedding and i tried to take a video, but my iphone was all "there is no space for a video" so i frantically deleted my last 15 pictures to make room for a video of his hilarious, tear-jerker speech and whaddya know, my hair pics were in those 15 deleted pictures.)

so all you have to go on is this lovely blogger's demonstration, but i got tons of compliments on my hair, promise! while i sort of felt home-made and slightly ghetto while my sisters-in-law got their hair done professionally for the wedding, it was ultimately worth it to be able to do my own hair. there's no pressure of "how do i tell the hair dresser that i feel like my super expensive updo looks like a danish/croissant? and not in a good way!" it's more like, "that picture of the back of my head looks ok, but let me reposition my bobby pin that sticks out there......ok! that's better."

so what about you? do you have a favorite updo or fancy-ish hairstyle that's your go-to?

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