an uncertain time

since i graduated in may, i've been applying for (English, 7th-12th grade) teaching jobs in philly and the surrounding suburbs. i think the tally is up to 18 schools/districts. 18 schools have gotten applications from yours truly, julie. that's me. out of those, only two schools have called me back. and, those two schools are pretty unique--not just the average charter school or public school that i would have picked to work at.

it's mid-august, and i don't know where i'll be working in the fall. sure, i have a substituting job all lined up in case literally nobody else wants my energetic!, differentiating!, and innovative! self in their school. but that's not my dream job of making a difference in inner city kids' lives; that's more of a jump-around-to-random-schools kind of a thing.

in this time of being really unsure about the future, psalm 25 has been a big encouragement. go read the whole thing, if you haven't read it in a while.

God is faithful, even if i don't know where i'll end up in the fall.

my hope is in him.


  1. what a beautiful post! He is always faithful! :)

  2. thanks, and amen to that! why is trusting God so much easier when i can see what's ahead?! haha