to-do list for the day

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is it just me, or are lists {and specifically to-do lists!} really calming?

on my list for today, i have to get some of the last details hammered out for my sister-in-law's bachelorette party on thursday (remember her shower?). she has no idea what we're doing yet, so i'll make sure to share how the surprise went, along with tons of pictures. of course. all she knows is that she needs to be ready at 8am and won't be back til that night. :)

tonight, i'm having a few friends over to make and grill black-bean burgers and have a bonfire. none of us are vegetarians, but the menu suggestion and recipe sounded good! if it goes well, maybe i'll post it...although i'm a mediocre cook at best, so it it goes well it'll be all thanks to my foodie friends.

 folding laundry and vacuuming aren't exciting. but they have to get done. (especially when you have a 125-pound german shepherd who's shedding his winter coat. in tufts. all over the floor. all. the. time.)

what's on your to-do list for the day?


  1. how fun to do a surprise bach party! :) black bean burgers are one of my favorite meals & i'm not a vegetarian either!

    p.s. your handwriting is pretty!

  2. I might come begging for your recipe if this one goes awry! :) and's so funny to see how our handwriting changes. My old journals can attest to some really bubbly script has