4th of july weekend recap

07 July 2014

the 4th of july is my absolute favorite holiday. it's a day when you can celebrate it outside, with family, eating food, and there's no pressure to give gifts or to celebrate it a certain way (like christmas, which sadly can become stressful when we make it about material things). plus, fireworks? who doesn't love loud explosions that look really cool?! (probably babies.) 

my crafty mother, with no help from pinterest, made the lovely centerpiece pictured at the top. isn't it cute?! she found the mason jar, gems, and ribbon at the dollar store, and then she used raspberries from her own garden in the marshmallow-berry skewers. isn't that cute? she just made the idea up, whereas i would have spent hours scrolling through 4th of july pins....

this past weekend was a wonderful celebration. i spent the day with {both!} sides of the family at a barbecue, playing ladder ball and eating grilled food. on saturday, devin and i deviated from our usual spot at ocean city, NJ to go to wildwood (where the beaches are free! and the boardwalk is a teeming with scantily-clad teenagers! here is my recommendation to just enjoy the free beach.) devin didn't even get his feet wet in the 63-degree ocean, but i went swimming twice. for like 3 minutes each time. but the warm sun and lovely company made it a perfect beach day :)

how was your 3-day weekend? how do you usually celebrate the 4th of july?


  1. that centerpiece is so, so cute!! looks like you had a great holiday weekend! :)

  2. Love the fruit sticks you made! And I do love hanging out with family & friends!

  3. Your Mom is super creative & I love that the raspberries came from her garden. I'm glad you love the 4th and had a great weekend.

  4. thanks, beka! if only i had gotten her creativity gene ;)

  5. thanks! and thank God for days off spent with the wonderful people around us :)