a {more fun than wild} new york city bachelorette party

the last hood girl is getting married! (and you can see her shower here). really, she's the only original hood girl since me and amber married into this sweet last name and family. so, co-matrons of honor amber and i planned out christy's G-rated bachelorette party with NYC and broadway in mind, since christy (and the rest of us) love the theater. we drove up, parked near-ish broadway, and took a cab to central park, where we followed trails around until we got to belvedere castle! the park was so peaceful and quiet, and despite the skyline view, you couldn't hear any cars/honking at all. 

 my first cab ride!
 the view from belvedere castle in central park

then, we took a cab back towards broadway, and christy and i meandered through the m&m store while amber "went to make a phonecall," aka went to go pick up our tickets for......surprise! roger and hammerstein's cinderella on broadway! amber texted me to head towards the theater, and as christy and i started walking there, i looked at her and said, "now do you know what your surprise is?" because right in front of us was a huge sign for cinderella. she got a big smile on her face and hugged me, and when we found amber, she hugged her too. i think we surprised her for realz

also, we had really great seats, just 15 rows back from the stage!

after the play, we wandered around, taking more pictures, and eventually got dinner at ellen's stardust diner, where the waiters sing show tunes while you eat. 

our waiter heard it was a bachelorette party and gave us some bling.
after that, we walked around, enjoyed the city, and took a bunch of pictures (to prepare christy for the big day where it'll be a nonstop photography eventttt). 

but wouldn't this tigger onesie be cute on a future baby hood? (found at the disney store)

the key to a seamless day in the city was a solid plan. amber got all the details down (because she's been to new york city a bunch!), like around how much the cab ride would cost from our parking garage to central park, and what address to give the cab drivers for going to and from central park, how to get to belvedere castle from inside central park, what stores to visit in between the park and theater and dinner....

 we wanted a day we'd remember, not a night we'd be hungover from the day after. and it was a blast.


  1. Yeah it was really chill and fun! I can't wait to see how all your matron-plans go for that November wedding! :)

  2. Adrianna Blash AucklandJuly 12, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    Love you all you guys are soooo fun!

  3. Memories....what a great day!!!!!

  4. sounds like you guys had an awesome time!! :)

  5. Now this sounds like my kind of bachelorette party! NYC is on my list of places to visit...and this post just confirmed that! I had no idea there was a castle in Central Park! Fun! Thanks for sharing! I found you through Oak+Oats Week's End Link Up.

  6. it's like a quiet little oasis in the middle of a huge city--i definitely recommend it! and yayyy for that lovely link-up! :)

  7. no, I haven't. I've heard it's amazing though!

  8. That is awesome. Bachelorette parties should be something to remember.

  9. (Sorry for such a delayyyyed response!) and thanks, I totally agree! Plus spending a whole day out instead a whole night allows for some sunny pics!

  10. Thanks, it was a really great day where all the pieces of the trip just gently fell into place, even though I'm not that much of a city girl!