I have the best friends ever

Dear Julie's blog readers,
I have unsuccessfully hacked Julie's Facebook so I am forced to make a blog post. If anyone is curious, her password is not Bruce.
Please don't be mad Jewel-leigh. If you are, it was all Christie's idea.

Julie has officially been allowed back at work today, which is why she isn't here to stop me from hacking her blog.

Almost time for work but first two pictures so that this is like a real blog post.
This is the time we went to Sonic and spent $11 and got like 8 milkshakes.

And here's a picture of my puppy because she deserves a chance at stardom:

How about you, hack any of your friend's account lately? :)

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  1. UHM MY PUPPY!!!!! The only time she plays with you is when we dip you in Au Jus!