painting, bathroom walls, and valentine's day

let's just dive right in to the good stuff, and leave the house updates for last :)

devin had valentine's day alllllll planned out as a surprise. we met up, and he had me drive to our house to "get the mail" but then lured me inside with a worried-sounding, "did you HEAR that?!"

we walked into a dark house, except there was candlelight flickering in the dining room, and i could hear "book of love" (one of our favorite love songs) playing...i was awestruck! we went from the living room entryway to the dining room, where he had a card table set up with a curtain/tablecloth, a wonderful-smelling candle, and two folding chairs. 

the dining room was no longer storing 390 tools and piles of lumber. instead, the floor was vacuumed clean, and it looked like a real dining room, where we could have people over on sunday afternoons for lunch. 

he had bought chinese take-out (and remembered my favorite, shrimp lo mein), so we sat in the love-song ambiance of a candle in our own house, eating from take-out boxes with plastic forks, and sipping our favorite beverage of choice (arizona green tea, of course). 

not only did he have dinner planned, but he had lugged over blankets, pillows, his laptop, a movie, and sweatpants (so i didn't have to watch "catch me if you can" in my stilettos and dress)!! so thoughtful, right? we snuggled the night away, enjoying our first valentine's day in person (but third v-day together as a couple), and our first valentine's day in our house

and now, to the "boring" stuff. 
last weekend, our bathroom looked like this:

and this past weekend, our bathroom looked like this:
drywall up, complete shower-tub installed, light-exhaust fan hooked up and working, and the drywall was spackled. 

my progress last weekend included...

and this past weekend included simple sanding the bookcases, and filling the nail-holes with wood putty :)

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  1. hahahahahaha shrimp lo mein. julie, this is so great! and good he brought your sweatpants :) :)