a visit up north

i finally got to see all my boston friends this past weekend! the college had a fancy schmancy film-fest this weekend, so devin and i drove 375 miles north to see my friends and attend this fun event...but actually it was just to see my friends, who i haven't seen since december when i left  :( 

our arrival at 11:40 led to an epic reunion with mallory, erin, valerie, trevor, tim, john, and vandy, and ten minutes later, when megan and kelly drove up to the dorm, i let out a banshee war cry of happiness and jumped in their car, sprawling across megan and kelly's lap as i tried to hug both of them. 

we went to marty's donut shop on friday night, which was packkkkked out, and "marty" (who's real name is richard) had to crank out a bajillion batches of donuts to satisfy all the college kids who stopped by. saturday was breakfast with megan and kelly, lunch and the beach with the s'mores, hanging out in evans with more field hockey people, and then dinner with anna, megan, and kelly. 

saturday night was the film festval, where the winning student-made movies were played by category (like "best sequel to a disney movie," and "most awkward"), and after about 15 short movies starring familiar faces were shown, the audience texted their favorite film to vote on the best overall movie. it was really fun to dress up and see everyone at the pre-party (where our photoshoot took place), and laughing at how hipster/awkward/ridiculous the movies were was the best, since i was sandwiched on a pew between devin and erin, but surrounded by my friends. 

kelly, me, megan

my suite (minus sammie)

vandy, john, mallory, valerie, me, angela, erin, tim, and trevor

our soccer boys (this was taken after a couple awkward ones where they pretended not to be friends and didn't smile...it was probably subtle retaliation against being part of a photo shoot)

me and malloretta, roommies :)

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