updates on 2 big projects i never talk about

have you realized i don't write about wedding planning/re-doing our house that often? my apologies. last semester, i was all "oh crap, i write bad essays, gotta put effort into my scholasticz" so i didn't get much completed on the wedding/house front. it may have also been because i was 350 miles from home. and thus, procrastinated. 

i mailed save-the-dates (affectionately called STDs) at long freakin' last. not that i've had them sittting around, all unsent, for 6 months...oh wait. 

all the bridesmaid dresses are ordered! a meeting with our country club wedding planner tonight will finalize the menu and table cloth and napkin colors...it's a double-date with the parents!

our house, on the other hand, is becoming more disorganized before it gets better!

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