tubing where there is no snow

oh, but there is snow in the mountains when a snowmaker is utilized to combat the 40+ degree weather.

the winter version of our camping trip (this time including devin's best friend, kyle) was staying in a cabin and tubing in the pocono mountains. highlights of the weekend included...

1// deciding whether to immerse ourselves in the 5-year-olds who dominated the tubing place and having a blast anywhoodle.

2// racing down the tubing tracks (tracks? chutes? slides?). erik missing his tube in an effort to push the group faster towards the steep slope--TWICE.

3// thats-what-she-saids around the campfire.

4// "julie, you have a blog? really???" (why yes, i do, and now i'm blogging about all the haters questioning me.)

us girls about to beat the boys down the hill
we didn't get a good groupshot, thanks dev :P

see the empty green tube? that's where erik is supposed to be.

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