weekend before thanksgiving!

 remember my sisters post? lisa visited me this weekend at college, which was the BEST THANG EVERRR

we went to the beach on sunday, since it was 65 BLEEPIN' DEGREES! 

telling the chronology of our weekend backwards...saturday night we attempted to start a bonfire, but the wet leaves/sticks and blustery wind kept our efforts from fully succeeding...
can you tell that this is really just a piece of a paper bag that miraculously caught fire? or does it look like a bonfire successful enough to roast a marshmallow?

then we went to marty's for some midnight donut action!

things we don't have pictures to prove: lisa got a 90-cent american eagle sweater, and i got a 50-cent american eagle strapless shirt from filene's basement, which was going out of business. that's right, we're bargain hunters. 

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