the "libroffice"

one thing (that really isn't a thing but a who) i'm thankful for this year is my amazing fiance, devin. 
he's kindhearted, honest, hardworking, genuine, trustworthy, patient...and extremely thoughtful. 

after buying our house, he started a super secret project! 19 guesses later, i was stumped. i could not figure out what it was, and that's because he got suuuper creative, building me a library/office:

he had to cut part of a wall out to build a door that joined the libroffice to our bedroom (previously, you entered this room through the kitchen). 

he redid the walls (that just have primer on them, so far), tore up the carpet, wired the whole room, and built 3 bookcases and a desk. 

is he not the best?! and, he HATES books. and school. yet he built me my own space where i can study and read, since i'll still be in college for the first 2 years of our married life. 

and now, for the pictures i should have taken a bajillion years ago:


  1. AMAZING. Wow. I mean, just WOW! What a wonderful secret project!!!! So exciting!!

  2. well aren't you artsy (:

  3. I just showed Liza this. I was like, "You have to see what he surprised her with!!" We are both almost in tears because we're just so touched by this act of love... and we LOVE how Devin LOVES you. What an awesome man for our AWESOME girlfran. Love you beautiful.

    <3 Colls and LIza