the rain-drenched dirt seeps into my sneakers with the first step onto the uphill, rocky trail. i am followed by devin as i follow megan who follows anna, who is not confused by the blue trail markers for what was supposed to be the red trail. lunch is on my back, zipped up safely, and we trek upwards. 

seriously, it was incredible. the swollen river rushed violently; the small islands looked precariously situated on white-capped waters that could whisk them away at any time. anna and megan provided me with approximately 3,230,069,839,201 laughs...including the end of the trip "bathroom" break behind a shed that was behind the locked bathroom/barn, where a nonchalant hiker nearly exposed herself to a public viewing of that which is not, in fact, for public viewing. 

we stopped to climb a mostly dirt, partially tree, and a little bit of rock cliff, for which devin was most successful, while anna and i were just mildly successful. we got up pretty high, as megan's 17-minute blogumentary (or video-blog, if my 2 word conglomeration is too obnoxious) will demonstrate. anna, the la vida alumnus (not alumni, which megan figures out after using the incorrect term for 16 minutes), and me, the prospective la vida survivor, got up pretty high before we slipped/climbed back down. 

it was an amazing day, in case the description of incredibly fun things does not convey that message. 
i have a newfound love for maryland

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