best friends.

one time, moriah and i made a list of all the crazy shenanigans we've done together...and i believe that list is still around somewhere. but you know what didn't make that list (since it was created about 2 years ago)? watching a marathon of wedding shows (thank you, women's entertainment channel), going in the hot tub for 2 separate two-hour sessions where we discuss the best places to eat food on Temple's campus (or Gordon's, for those of us who ventured out to new england schools) and grander topics like the direction of ours lives...we also buffed our feet with what MIGHT have been nail files and promptly moisturized our feet in the dining room with hand lotion. when we visited our buddy who just had his wisdom teeth removed, we started a game of pool and then immediately turned it over to the next generation (known to the rest of the world as my little sister and his little brother). 

the best part of all of this is that the moriah-julie cram sesh isn't even over. we might just make another ke$ha music video to shamelessly post on the world wide web. 

best friends are people you can sit in the laundry room with and talk about deep subjects while taking an inventory of Y2K amounts of cambell's soup. 

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