Emma is THREE

This sweet girl turned three this month! (More on her pumpkin brunch birthday parties later....including the easiest crockpot breakfast casserole!)

She's wildly articulate and has big opinions, she can climb rocks in a dress, and she is so kindhearted and helpful. She says things like "Daddy, we played a new game. And Mommy tricked me. She said it was easy, but it was hard." (DIRECT QUOTE WHEN I TRIED TO TEACH HER CHUTES AND LADDERS.) She has described when drinking water goes down the wrong pipe and makes her cough as "it went down my wind-hole." (WIND PIPE. But wind-hole is funnier.)

She races to the freezer without being asked to get Aiden an ice pack when he hurts himself. She has self-appointed herself as Monitor of Toys That Are Too Hard For Riley To Play With and will rip one out of her baby sister's hands because IT'S TOO HARD MOM AND SHE COULD HURT HERSELF. (We're still working on gently trading Riley with a soft toy.)

Her hair is also longer and I loooove getting to do pigtails and bows and letting her choose what hairstyle she wants!

She knows most of her letter sounds, she loves cuddling up to Devin and saying "I just love you so much, Daddy," and she has entire worship songs from the 90's memorized. 

We love her so much. 

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