Nashville Eats

I took almost zero photos of my food because there was no way I was wasting even one second before digging in. Shamelessly.

I know, I know, I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate. And yes, eating out is more expensive than making all your food at your Airbnb. But this was our only vacation for all of 2019! And we wanted to try all the local places!

I share lots of fun things in this post on visiting Nashville with kids, and most of the places we went to eat in Nashville were kid-friendly because Aiden & Emma came with us. At the end, I share tons more recommendations from my sister who went to school there for four years and spent her time finding all the best places to eat.

P.S. The places I'm mentioning are amazing for both food + atmosphere. :)

Our favorite food spots in Nashville: 

Plaza Mariachi
I ordered 2 gorditas de carnitas, the kids split a chicken quesadilla. (Plus, as I mentioned in my post on visiting Nashville with kids post, they have a kids play area that's sort of like Chuck E. Cheese.)

Taqueria Mexico Tennessee
We went here twice because it was so good! Tacos are $1.50 each, and for takeout you sit in your car and the waitress comes to you. It's in a strip-mall type area, right behind a check cashing place but IT IS SO DANG GOOOOOD. They do have a restaurant and an outdoor seating area, if you want to eat there!

Five Daughters Bakery, 12-South
Expensive but delicious and adorably decorated, with a kids play area outside! Literally a blogger and donut-lover's dream COME TRUEEEE. Which is why most of my photos are from there 😉 

MacDougal's Chicken
We wanted "hot chicken" which is apparently a Nashville thing (which I didn't even know!), and this place had tons of tossed chicken flavors + sauces, and was right near Dragon Park (pictures here). I should have ordered their 3-piece chicken instead of 5-piece, because after ONE AND A HALF I was totally full. Plus, they have complimentary soft-serve ice cream and an outdoor seating area.

Merengue Cafe
They have 2 cute decks for outdoor seating area. Order the tostones or the empanadas! And the kids meal? $4.50 for a ton of yummy food! Again, Aiden and Emma split a meal. Authentic Dominican and Puerto Rican food.

Bar Taco
Smaller portions, but INSANELY good food with a cute outdoor seating area. Their guac was the best I've ever had in my whole life, and their drinks are all made with freshly-squeezed juices. (And you can tell. My mojito was incredible!!) Devin and I went there for happy hour on a date, and my vibe was that it's a little too nice and crowded for kids.

Other recommendations we didn't have time to try out:

The Pharmacy, a good burger place/beer garden

Burger Republic, good burgers + hard milkshakes

Smiling Elephant, great Thai food

DeSano Pizza Bakery, authentic Italian

Burger Up, really good but a little pricier

Old Glory, a very classy, intimate bar

Subculture, serves everything from ramen to hot chicken to burgers, plus has their craft beers on tap

What's your favorite type of food? What's your favorite restaurant like in your town?

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