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Happy August!!! Calm down, everyone, summer doesn't end til September 22 so we still have lots of it left (and with it I'll be trying to check these gathering ideas off my list!). The past TWO WEEKS, rain has been in every day's forecast. What does that really mean? Well, for all the fun outdoor things I want to do, I have to have a ready-to-implement plan b. (Plan A, every day: go to the pool. Plan B: invite people over or visit a new library and pretend to not be bitter at allllll that the rain ruined your pool plans. It's fine. I'm fine.)

I love these little glimpses into what life's been like recently, and I'm linking up with Anne from In Residence. As always, I'm including some photos of Aiden & Emma because I love seeing how they're growing together! (And these happened to be the only recent ones I've taken

Currently, I've been...

Does it count as "following" if you start following along with a new podcast? Let's pretend it fits in this category. Anyway, I've been following along with (a.k.a. listening to) That Sounds Fun by Annie Downs, and THIS episode has challenged me so much!!

More of this one shoulder bathing suit to last me the rest of my life because it's the best, and also $9 reusable plastic straws. They'll be a gift for my sister (she cares about the Earth and I care about getting her a birthday present that says, "see! I listened when you talked about how disposable straws are ruining the world!"). I'll have to find something else, too, since reusable straws isn't the most exciting thing to unwrap.

All the baby girl birthday party ideas! (Like a mermaid theme, or donut everything, or a floral theme...) Aiden turned one in January, which meant we couldn't have an outdoor party...and we had to have 2 separate family-only parties since our house is TINY. HOWEVER! Emma turns one in October, so we could actually have a big outdoor party and invite more than 6 people at a time! SO wild! ;)

The Office, this time all the way through. Devin and I love having a show to watch together each night, and is there anything better than "BEARS. BEETS. BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA. 'IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE, JIM.'"

My summer freckles. Calories. Days until pumpkin spice coffee comes back to Dunkin Donuts. Jk. None of the above.

What have you been up to currently? 

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